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Adjustable Rate Mortgage – For Those Who Do Not Want a Fixed Rate of Interest

An adjustable rate mortgage is commonly called an ARM and, as the name suggests, the interest rate herein is not fixed. The variations of the interest rate are based on one or many indexes. Some of these indexes could be the one-year treasury bills or some other specific index. When you search for an adjustable rate mortgage loan, you might find that the different lenders will tie their adjustable rate to not one common index but to different indexes.

Comparison and Indexes

When it comes to ARM, adjustable rate mortgage, you must try to compare the interest rates from as many lenders as possible. This will give you a fair idea of rates and the indexes used by the lenders.

Some of the common adjustable rate mortgage indexes used by lenders are:

» Cost of funds incurred by a particular lender
» The national average mortgage rate of the Federal Housing Finance Boards, which is centered    on the average rate for closed loans.
» Treasury notes and Bills
» The average interest rate that has been paid on the deposit for jumbo certificates.

Most of these indices, on which lenders base their adjustable rate mortgage loan, are published in the newspapers. Before you choose this option you can study the various aspects of ARM and also find more information about the underlying indexes, sources for projection etc.

These rates can either go down or up. An ARM, adjustable rate mortgage is a good idea for all those who are not too concerned about their fluctuating financial costs.

Benefits of Adjustable Rate Loan

People choose to go for an adjustable rate mortgage only when they can get the benefit of a low interest rate. This way, the monthly repayments for the loans will be less and this would lead you to qualifying for a larger mortgage.

It is a great option for those people, who do not want to stay in their homes for a long period of time. They can gain the benefit of the low interest rate in the limited amount of time that they stay in their home.

Read the Fine Print

Before you choose any adjustable rate mortgage loan, be sure to read the fine print giving the details of the loan. You should be clear about aspects like initial rates, margins, rate caps, payments caps, and adjustment intervals etc.

Different lenders have different quotes for every aspect. A thorough examination of the conditions will help you make a better choice.

The Teaser Rate

When you go for an adjustable rate loan, you will be initially offered an interest rate that is lower than the current interest rate. This is called an initial rate or teaser rate. This is one way that lenders and banks attract borrowers with regards to the adjustable rate home loan mortgage.

Borrowers can make use of this initial low rate to get a loan as you have more chance of qualifying for a loan, due to the low monthly payments you will have to make.

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